An Introduction to Over The Air — IoT, Connected Devices & The Journey


You’re on your own unique journey, but those mistakes, failures, and setbacks you encounter…are really not that unique.

The IoT executives who have been on the journey before you have insight into their mistakes and the solutions that made them successful, and we’ve created a platform for them to share their stories to help others looking to advance in the IoT space.

In this introductory episode of Over The Air — IoT, Connected Devices & The Journey, Logan Lyles from Sweet Fish Media talks with Ryan Prosser, show host and CEO at Very.

What they talked about:

  • Ryan’s SaaS and hardware background.
  • How Very serves those trying to advance in the IoT space.
  • Why Ryan started this podcast.
  • What listeners can expect to hear in future episodes.

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I would like this to be a resource that's like entertaining, but also very valuable for people that are on their own journey and they're. Saying look. I wonder how company x solved this problem, because it looks and feels a lot like what we're struggling with you are listening to over the Air Iot connected devices and the journey brought to you by vary in each episode. We have sharp unfiltered conversations with executives about their IOT journeys, the mistakes they made the lessons they learned and what they wish they'd known when they started welcome to the introductory episode of over the Air Iot connected devices and the journey we're here today with Ryan prosser he's the CEO af very and the new host of this show. My name is Logan Lyles, I'm part of the production team for this podcast and today I'll be talking to Ryan about what you the listener can expect from this new show. But before we jump straight into that...

Ryan, I would love for you to share a little bit about yourself with listeners today, yeah, Hey, everyone welcome to episode, Zero, I'm Ryan Prosser, I'm the CEO of very and yeah. I'm really excited about this. My career started in hardware and it's been a long journey through Sass land back to hardware, and I think you know, as this podcast grows you're going to hear others sharing their journey things they've been through building out great connected devices. I love it. Man So tell us a little bit about the company, very that is behind this podcast. What's what's your connection to Iot in the community involved here that you guys are looking to serve with the podcast? What ore you guys up to these days, you have very we're really interesting company. I think we are IOT focused. You know we do everything start to finish for companies that are looking to build out a connected device, including t the hardware work which is really unusual. I think in our space,...

...because we're totally remote- and you know doing hardware while totally remote has been a really interesting journey in its own right for us, were you know one of the most I think celebrated irt companies in the space, so like many connected devices that are out there in the world would have come through very, were I think, we've been humble to be a part of some big launches so that you know- and I think we also view this as like- a really big growth space. So we're looking at we're, seeing a lot of companies say: Hey Look. This is a big part of maybe companies that you haven't heard of saying hey. This is a big part of like the next few years for us and we're not quite sure where to begin, and we get that and and we've helped a lot of people in that journey and, frankly we're like really passionate about that journey yeah. I love that. I love that the theme of the journey is already evident in just what I'm hearing from you your journey at very being very interesting working on hardware, fully remote. Well tell US Ryan. Why did you guys want to start this podcast for folks who are learning growing and trying to advance and do... things in t e IOT space? Why do you guys want to start this podcast yeah? I mean, I think the theme of journey will be pervasive. You know as this as this grows, because we see basically two different types of you know. quoteunquote journeys one is the endpoint looks a lot like people expected that it would. They are at point zero, they're trying to get to point one and the journey looks completely different, but the endpoint looks very similar, so they encountered a lot of obstacles that they weren't prepared for, or maybe they didn't have the personnel to be able to to forecast that that would even happen. You see this a lot in adventure movies, like you know that you need to throw the ring in the pit of fire, but the path foom here to there is not at all whath you expected, and then the other type is like. The even the end point is not the indpoint changes T it isn't about Tet's, throw the ring in the lake of... Just like you always thought you would, and you know three whole movies are about that journey. It's a very different inpoint and we pride ourselves on being humble but very inflexible when we encounter bad pasts that we've been through before, and so I think listeners are going to hear repeatedly people sharing experiences that they've been through and maybe the listener saying. Oh my God, I would have made that mistake that I would have turned left at that intersection and now I can see why that's not at all the correct way through this and we encounter that a lot and we thought by you know getting business leaders and engineering leaders to share that journey. Others, you know, could maybe get to their in point more quickly. I love that, and you worked in a great Lord of the Ring's reference in that answer, so this podcast is already off to a phenomenal start. Ryan, so you alluded to it there. But can you give listeners any more of a preview of what they can expect from future episodes that the types of guest, so we've got...

...the theme of the journey, helping them learn from successes and failures in the journey in between getting to different inpoints? What are some things? You can tell us about the types of guests that you're going to have on, and maybe some of the stories that you're wanting to tell to give folks just a little bit more of a taste of what's coming in the next few episodes and beyond on the show. One thing that I personally am really passionate about is unpacking, and you know just sort of like shamelessly, exploring huge colossal mistakes, especially mistakes. That did not appear to be mistakes at the outset, and you know why was that not actually the correct path and then once you put the car and reverse what turn was the correct term at that junction and and knowing at the end, which you knew if you had known that at that intersection point what would you have done differently? What we see a...

...lot at very you know, because we see dozens of these major engagements a year. What we see is not as many unique problems as you would expect. You know, there's a lot of common mistakes that give me made that are avoidable, and but some of that are not. You know some that that are actually like real head scratchers and- and I would like this to be a resource- that's like entertaining, but also very valuable for people that are on their own journey and they're. Saying look. I wonder how company x solved this problem, because it looks and feels a lot like what we're struggling with man. It sounds like just like what we were talking about before we hopped on and recorded repeated mistakes like the the downhill icy road near Your House, where people keep making the wrong tern right. That's right! That's right! Yeah! I was sharing with Logan before the call that I live. You know beside road in the mountains. That's has descent and a bank to turn into it, and so we see a lot of people. You know make the same mistake coming into it too fast breaking too hard, and so...

...there's you know a lot of cars in the ditch, including today. Well, we are going to do our best with this podcast to help people stay out of the ditch when it comes to their io t journey much like those cars. Hopefully those drivers learn near Your House. There, Ryan Well Ryan, one final question: Before we let you go if anyone listening to this is like ooh. I have a story that you guys probably want to tell, or I know someone who would be a phenomenal guest or I really wish you would cover this topic or this problem that, as you said, early Ryan is just a head scratcher for me. What's the best way for anyone listening to this, to reach out to the team to suggest topics or guests for the show in the future yeah, it's great question w you can email is podcast of very possiblecom. You can also reach out to me directly, I'm always on Linkedon and my handle is our procer twenty six and feel free. Just to message me DM or shoot me a message. I love it Ryan. Thank you so much for that. I love when... make it very easy for listeners to reach out so that they can be a two way street, with a podcast Thas trying to serve the community, as you guys are looking to do with over the air here with the Iot community. Well, everyone that wraps it up for this introductory episode, Ryan will be taking over the reins for episode, One and Beyond Ryan. I just want to thank you for kicking off this show for having a great conversation with me today, giving listeners a little bit of a preview of what to expect. I'm really excited to see the show, take off and continue to grow. So thank you for you time today, yeah thanks, Olove you've been listening to over the Air Iot connected devices and the journey. If you enjoyd today's episode make sure to hit subscribe in your favorite podcast player and give us a rating, have a question or an idea for a future episode. Send it to podcast at very possiblecom, see you next time.

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